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CleanX has learned all about the current health crisis, as well as maintaining regular cleaning and sanitizing routines to keep you safe and secure.So, we are providing the best sanitization and disinfection services in Delhi/NCR,HR,UP.

WHO IS CleanX?

CleanX is a trusted brand who provides the best sanitization and disinfection services for all spaces. CleanX is your partner to keep you place safe from  coronavirus.It is always there to fight coronavirus  with you.  

WHY CleanX?

CleanX has fully trained employees who are well aware of all the   dos and donts. CleanX has a complete range of products to clean every component of the interior space.     


CleanX has cheaklists that ensures proper process  is followed for cleanups. Process starts with site visit to mark the required services. Followed by product and equipment suggestions. The trained team carryout the process according to certified guidelines.

We Provide Our Best Sanitization And Disinfection services for You.

When it comes to service

CleanX provides services for all spaces including hospitals, hotels, schools, offices, buildings, shops, malls, multiplexes and many more. Services are provided with a motive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

What benefit we provide to you

Unlike local help Clean x ensures fully trained professional workers, fully equip-ed product range, latest technology, and most importantly best services delivery. CleanX provides you with healthy surroundings to feel comfortable.

We build trust towards our clients

Many companies have ensured clean and sanitized surroundings with the exclusive range of cleanX services. We do not keep any loose hole our expert get to every inch of the property. Therefore, our client love our services. 

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