Our Technology

Cleanx has put in place the very latest in technology, with equipment and facilities that are sure to create new benchmarks in the business. From Washer Extractors to Dryers, from Dry cleaning machines to Flatwork ironers and Finishing equipment – we have what it takes to provide world class care for every type of garment.
While the Reverse Osmosis Plant ensures 100% water purification to guarantee pristine quality to provide that refreshing touch and longer life for every garment, grade A level treatment of all sludge translates into stringent pollution compliance. Other utilities include 100% power back-up, powerful compressors, boilers and chillers.
A modern Effluent Treatment Plant and Water Recycling System with Softening plant and Reverse Osmosis systems ensure that every process is completely environment friendly, compliant with international safety norms and in line with sustainable development guidelines.